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Beautiful!Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.I was laughing and crying.Cannot wait to share these with Rodric.You have an amazing talent and have put so much emotion into this compilation.This means so much to us and our families.Thank you.xoxoxShannon A

Hi Peter!! Oh my gosh!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Even my dad, that does not think many things are worth their value, he really loves you!! He said you did a great job on that day, and we all absolutely agree. Your attention to detail is ridculously outstanding. You are definately my number one recommendation to all my friends and family. Actually, a lot of people were asking about you on my wedding day, complimenting on your ability to be everywhere! After seeing the pictures, not only were you everywhere, you caught all the moments!!! Even the ones that nobody expected! You are definately talented, and your hard work is also reflected. Thank you for making our special day so beautiful! By the way, great choice on the arboretum, it was worth every penny. If you ever need me to write a testimonial, please let me know. In the mean time, I have to spread the word of god photography gift to the world... Peter Riedel!! I have several friends getting married next year, and I'm hoping they don't have a photographer picked out. Thanks again for everything! You're the best!!Carol & Shun

Hey Peter,You were amazing....really and truly...and it was acknowledged by all! You have such a wonderful way with people, you put everyone at ease!!! impressed a whole room full of people who are not easily impressed...that is the quality of your talent and person!!!!!so eternally grateful!!!peace & love always,Megan

Morning Peter, I had to write you first thing this morning as we didn't get to look at the pics until late last night (sorry I forgot to video). THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Wow! You did such a great job. I knew you were talented but they are more than we had ever hoped for. Thank you so much! Now how do we decide? It's one great shot after another. If you thought I was singing your praises before watch out Mister!! Thanks again. You are an outstanding photographer!Wendy Here are some comments my friends have made about the others shots we already posted on facebook... Philip HSuper Great! I was going to click that I liked every photo but I'll just say it. He did a great job with creating some obviously very unique and wonderful pictures of the two of you on your happy day. Janis C MWow each and every photo is beautiful! Congratulations again! Tisha BThese photos are "effen COOL" ( Adam's words ;) And I totally agree xo Brenda BWendy, these are AMAZING!!! Peter is superb!!!!!! Of course it helped that he had such photogenic subjects! These truly are treasures!! Fionna JLOVE IT!!! Peter did an amazing job, worth the wait!! Love you both xo Sue Syour pictures are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Peter!We did want to let you know how much we LOVED our pictures! They were INCREDIBLY beautiful and even more wonderful than we could have expected! You've helped us to preserve our memories of our wedding day in a very special and meaningful way. Honestly. we couldn't be more pleased!Thank you again for everything!Cristina and Mike!

Hi Peter;Hopefully you have recovered but knowing you, you likely have another wedding tonight and two tomorrow :)I just wanted to thank you again for being so incredible on our wedding day. Your presence was everywhere but not intrusive and we can not recommend you enough to our friends. Vlad and Nada were over last night and we jointly agreed that you will be our photographer for all of life's special moments.Sincerely,Dijana & Rich

Dearest Peter,I just got back home and just marveled at the pictures you have taken.Believe we might have to enlarge our walls and ceiling now to accommodate all the pics we would like to print out and frame, they are awesome. Thank you so much!!!These we will have for the rest of our lives and pass on to our children, what great memories when looking at them.Lets do it again next year!It means so much to me to have these,Big hug,and much love,Rodric

Dear Peter, I wanted to Thank-you very much for all your help & hard-work on our wedding day. We had such a fantastic day & can't wait to see the pictures. It's hard to believe its over already. I can't thank you enough for not only working through the unbelievable heat, but for organizing our huge wedding party....which was a job in itself! Thanks again,Cheryl & Mark L

Peter, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing engagment pictures. They are wonderful. I can't wait for the wedding day pics! Speak with you soon, Ani and Mike

Peter,Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wedding pictures that i just saw this weekend. The pictures are gorgeous, you did a great job and left us will memories we will cherish for a lifetime. Thanks for your patience, your creativity and your professionalism.Much luck in your future projects!Keep well,Natalie B (Ramon's wife:))